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Project Shadow


Brainchild of Steve Wilkinson, our original aim was to identify potential new dive sites for the increasing number of technical divers visiting the Mediterranean. To a certain degree this still is our intention, however, we are working closely with the proper authorities to achieve this and therefore help to protect the history and heritage of these wrecks.

The Project Shadow team consists of Kalle Selin, Edd Stockdale and Steve Wilkinson. We have obtained and qualified 17 marks that we are currently or waiting for permission to dive on and investigate.

Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta has been of enormous strategic importance throughout its long and turbulent history. Playing a pivotal role in the struggles of a succession of powers for domination of the Mediterranean and in the interplay between emerging Europe and the older cultures of Africa and the Middle East, this group of islands specifically played a vital strategic role in World War II as a base for the Allied Powers. It was heavily bombarded by German and Italian aircraft, and by the end of the war Malta was devastated. In 1942 the island of Malta was presented with the George Cross, a British award for great gallantry, in recognition of the wartime bravery of the Maltese people.

It is our aim to help identify, preserve and protect any wreck that we locate. Respect for those that lost their lives in the service of their countries is of utmost importance and is a core value of our mission. NOTHING is ever and will never be removed or displaced from any wrecks. Photographic and Video evidence is used to record every dive and this combined footage is then used to help identify the wrecks.

Current finds:

Mark One (DB01) was identified after a local fisherman caught his net in an area where no known wreck has been registered. After a brief conversation where we obtained approximate coordinates, the team set out to scan and pin point any anomalies. Several sweeps of the area identified a spike approximately 12 metres tall and 140 metres long, a decision was made to investigate further with the intent of recovering the net. Sitting at a depth of 120 metres, Mark One was believed to be a WW2 Liberty Class ship. Extensive damage to the bow section indicates torpedoe damage. As yet she has not been identified. It was not safe to untangle the net from one of the intake funnels of the Steamer or do so without potentially damaging the wreck so we documented as much of the ship as possible. Subsequent dives have not provided an identity as yet but have allowed us to realise that the ship has actually been converted into a diesel engined vessel and may be an Empire Class. Research continues.

DB02O Details currently withheld, subject to verification

DB03N Details currently withheld, subject to verification

DB04A Details currently withheld, subject to verification

DB05L Details currently withheld, subject to verification

DB06A Details currently withheld, subject to verification

Project Shadow is a Global entity although Malta, famed for its historic wrecks, warm clear waters and blue skies providing excellent diving conditions is our favourite location, expeditions to other countries are in the planning. Working closely with colleagues from Denmark, Sweden and United Kingdom to organise expeditions around Europe.


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