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T: +356 9935 4778
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Technical Program Equipment Requirements

For Open Circuit, two primary regulators, one of which must have a second stage hose of at least 1.5 metres (4.5 ft.) in length - (2.1metre hose length recommended). This longer hose must be attached to one of the second stages to facilitate gas sharing

Stage regulators with a submersible pressure gauge. It is recommended that at least one of your stage regulators also has a backup LPi, especially for Trimix courses.

Drysuits are recommended for all courses, especially technical, as the drysuit not only provides thermal protection but can also be considered as an emergency flotation in lieu of a backup BCD. Wetsuits can be used, but please note that a primary BCD and a backup BCD is required if a diver is using a wetsuit and is sufficiently negative in buoyancy that he/she cannot maintain flotation without the use of a BCD. (Lift bags and other buoyant sources may NOT be considered as redundant BCDs)

A lift bag of at least 22.5 kg (50 lb) lift capacity and a line reel for deployment. (30metre spools recommended)

A backup cutting tool is recommended.

An accurate depth gauge, plus bottom timer device or a dive computer is required. (A backup dive computer or bottom timer/depth gauge is recommended)

Should you not have some or all of these items they will be supplied to you for the duration of your course.

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