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T: +356 9935 4778
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SwedTech Diving

SwedTech Divings goal is to create divers that are aware of the risks of diving, but also understand that with the right training everything is usually possible.

Technical Diving Basic Skills

The course in Technical Diving Basic Skills is primarily a preparation for technical diving. This course stands out from all others as SwedTech have chosen to add extensive theory and dive training from the very start.

Technical Diver 1

This course will enable you to dive beyond the limits of recreational diving, using multiple stages and accelerated decompression procedures.

Technical Diver 2

Technical Diver 2 focuses more on dive planning and team diving to improve safety, knowledge and awareness.

Wreck Diver

By definition a shipwreck is defined as "the destruction or loss of a ship or vessel by sinking". This may sound awkward to many people but to us divers it is heaven. Divers can witness the ability of nature to transform a manmade construction into a marvelous artificial reef where nature transforms itself into the most bizarre artist and unleashes its beauty.

Rebreather Diver 1

Rebreather Diver 1 gives the student the basic knowledge and understanding of diving with a closed circuit rebreather, Pelagian DCCCR.

Rebreather Diver 2

Rebreather Diver 2 builds on and develops the skills in diving with the Pelagian DCCCR.


The course Troglodiver from SwedTech DIving is created to give you, the student, the knowledge to safely dive in overhead environments like caves or mines.

Mixed Gas Blender

This is a course where you learn how to mix breathing gas such as Nitrox and Trimix, and learn how to Oxygen clean your equipment.

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