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T: +356 9935 4778
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Why should you choose Shadow Technical over others?

The main reason is YOU. At Shadow Technical we listen to what you want to achieve, what you want to do and where you are aiming to get to. Not everyone wants to be a technical diver, but it doesn’t mean that they can not benefit from training from a technical perspective. Shadow Technical aims to help you get the most out of your diving, we can show you simple techniques to maximise your bottom time by consolidating your overall platform, and building on it.

What you want to achieve or do is your decision. You have our time, if you want to see a specific wreck, tell us, if you want to improve certain skills, tell us, we will accommodate your wishes as best we can but we can not control the weather. However, we will provide you with a proposed itinery to suit your requirements.

We understand that your time is precious, we don’t expect you to get up at 7am, rush your breakfast and get to the centre only to wait on other people before you leave for the dive site. YOU dive where and when YOU want. Do the dives YOU want, where you want, when you want to.

We can organise around YOUR plans, got family who don’t dive with you? Want to spend the mornings or the afternoons with them? No problem, we’ll ensure that you start on time and get back when we agreed, but this will not be at the expense of the quality of your diving experience.

Shadow Technical does not do mixed ability group dives. You won’t have to cut your dive short due to someones lack of experience or ability. Our groups are kept purposely small, everyone in the group will be similarly certified, we won’t put AOW divers with DEEP & WRECK divers, we won’t put non deco divers with deco divers. If you have a group with mixed abilities then they will be assigned an individual instructor, everybody gets the best dive they can for their ability / qualification, but this does not mean that you cant join us for a bimble and watch a member of your family or group experience diving for the first time or be taught a course.

Training is purchased but certification MUST BE EARNED. Please do not enrol on a course with us and assume that you will automatically pass. Our success rate is extremely high, but so are our standards. Course minimums are guidelines, we endeavour to take you past the basics and help you get the most from your training, not just tick a box and issue your certification card. Shadow Technical are extremely proud of their students and look at them as ambassadors.

So why choose Malta?

Encased by crystal-clear waters, Malta has a unique place in the Mediterranean, is effortlessly accessible at any time and boasts 300 days of sunshine every year.

Not only is it a wreck diving Mecca, Malta is home to the largest density of historic sights in the World. Head to the UNESCO World Heritage capital of Valletta, Roman catacombs, prehistoric temples and fossil-encrusted backdrops, alongside excellent contemporary cuisine.

By night, enjoy a romantic stroll along Vallettas picturesque waterfront and sample excellent Maltese wines or dine al fresco and watch the World go by. For late-night entertainment head to St Julians with its variety of beachside cocktail bars, stylish hangouts and the hottest members clubs

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